Teatum Jones at
The Dorchester
TEATUM+TEATUM were commissioned to create the concept and design for the Teatum Jones Spring/Summer 2013 collection to be shown in the Orchid Room at the Dorchester Hotel on the 17th September 2012.

The Teatum Jones collection is inspired by the space and culture of the Cold War, looking to this recent history with directly opposing ideologies to inform the theme in their new collection.

The proposal consists of two linear spaces organised around a reflective, white central corridor. Spatially the corridor has been referenced to communicate the hidden dynamics of power. An in-between space, providing opportunities for secret conversations through whispered tones. In Cold war film and literature the space of the corridor is used as a setting to amplify the fear of otherness.

The show is organised as an island of backlit light with a central perspectival corridor and two parallel spaces organised to the left and right of the corridor. The island is rotated in the Orchid Suite so that the formal geometry of the existing space is changed and new territories are created between the room and the Island. The circulation allows a continuous movement around the Island to simulate the long slow experience of a film tracking shot. The audience experience eight models choreographed to move across the three spaces in a continuous loop from East to West, to a music score inspired by the Cold War.

Three door openings are formed on each side of the corridor and these openings allow views across the three zones and through to the walls of the Orchid Suite in the background. This spatial organisation allows the audience to experience the show as a series of fragments when looking across space, three spaces collapsed into one view, continuously shifting and changing our perception. In contrast, the central corridor offers a single view, reinforced by perspectival walls, a space that has a single focus. The walls are formed in gloss white Barrisol, a seamless white surface that will reflect the materials of the room and animate the pattern and form of Teatum Jones new collection.

The event is conceived as an installation as opposed to a traditional catwalk, in which the spaces allow a dynamic interaction with a moving audience, amplifying the viewers experience and immersing them into the space and the Teatum Jones collection.



Teatum Jones
The Dorchester Hotel, London



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